Mt Carbine

Birdlife I-R

As compiled by Lloyd Nielsen, February 1998

(Does not include birds from Mt Spurgeon area)

Ibis, Glossy
– dry season visitor in very small numbers

Straw-necked – irregular visitor, sometimes common

White – rather uncommon visitor

Jacana, Comb-crested
– a few records from tailings dam

Jacky Winter
a small population on Hurricane road

Sacred Kingfisher

Sacred Kingfisher

Kestrel, Australian

Kingfisher, Azure
– along running creeks and Mitchell River

Red-backed – a few turn up each winter on Mt Carbine/ Mt Molloy Road, on powerlines

Sacred – winter visitor

Forest – common

Kite, Black
– common

Black-shouldered – sometimes about Maryfarms

Letter-winged – two birds about Maryfarms 1995

Square-tailed – sometimes a pair winters about Maryfarms

Whistling – common, breeding about the dams

Kookaburra, Blue-winged
– common about the town and dams

Laughing – common

Lapwing, Masked (Plover)
– common

Lorikeet, Little
– has been recorded flying over

Rainbow – breeds in large numbers around Mt Carbine

Scaly-breasted – common

Varied – a flock on the Mitchell River, Hurricane Station, 1996

Australian Magpie

Australian Magpie

Magpie, Australian
– common

– common

Mannikin, Chestnut-breasted
– more so along the Mt Molloy road

Martin, Fairy
– mostly a winter visitor

Tree – mostly a winter visitor

– common

Monarch, Black-faced
– sometimes along denser creeks on migration

Moorhen, Dusky
– rare, sometimes about dams

Mynah, Common
– common about Mt Carbine town (introduced)

Needletail, Spine-tailed
– moderately common summer visitor

Night Heron, Nankeen
– uncommon visitor to dams

Nightjar, Large-tailed
– more so along Mt Molloy road

Spotted – small numbers about Mt Carbine in hilly country

Olive-backed Oriole

Olive-backed Oriole

Oriole, Olive-backed
– common

– a bird over the tailings dam, 1994

Owl, Barking
– uncommon

Barn – uncommon

Rufous – pairs along Mitchell River

Owlet Nightjar, Australian
– moderately common

Redwing Parrot

Redwing Parrot

Pardalote, Red-browed
– rare, sometimes along Hurricane road

Spotted – more so in denser woodland towards ranges in winter

Striated – very common

Parrot, Red-winged
– irregular but common

Pelican, Australian
– sometimes on the dams

Pigeon, Crested
– small numbers about the town area, more common towards Hurricane Station

Squatter – common

Pipit, Richard’s
– moderately common, more so about Maryfarms

Pratincole, Australian
– a couple of records from Mt Carbine

Pygmy-goose, Cotton
– rare, a few records from the dams

Green – rare, a few records from the dams

– Brown

Reed-Warbler, Australian
– sometimes moderately common in bull-rushes about the dams