Birdlife R-Z

As compiled by Lloyd Nielsen, February 1998

(Does not include birds from Mt Spurgeon area)

Pale Headed Rosella

Pale Headed Rosella

Robin, Eastern Yellow
- uncommon, in woodland towards the ranges

Rosella, Pale-headed
- very common

- seen along creek at Maryfarms




Sandpiper, Common
- sometimes about the dams

Sharp-tailed – mostly on migration about the dams

Sea-Eagle, White-bellied 
- occasionally about the dams

Shelduck, Rajah
- rare, has been a few records from the dams

Shrike-Thrush, Grey
- moderately common in woodland towards the ranges

Little – small numbers along the denser creeks and along Mitchell river

- nomadic, sometimes common

Sittella, Varied
- moderately common in drier woodland

Snipe, Latham’s
- rare, has occurred at the dams

Painted – nine birds at small dam for a couple of months about 1994. Only record for the area.

Songlark, Rufous
- rare, mostly on migration

Sparrowhawk, Collared
- moderately common

Spoonbill, Royal
- sometimes about the dams

Yellow-billed - rare, only one or two records

Stilt, Black-winged
- uncommon

Stone-curlew, Bush
- a few pairs about the town area

Stork, Black-necked
- a pair sometimes turn up at the dams, also at temporary swamps in the wet season

Swallow, Welcome
- uncommon

Swamphen, Purple
- occasionally at the dams

Swan, Black
- irregular on dams

Swift, Fork-tailed
- moderately common summer visitor

Swiftlet, White-rumped
- uncommon

Teal, Chestnut
- a few records from the dams

Grey - common dry season visitor

Tern, Caspian - a couple of records from the dams

Gull-billed – a couple of records from the dams

Whiskered - rare, a few records from the dams

Treecreeper, Brown
- rare, a few along the Hurricane road

Triller, Varied
- along the denser creeks towards the ranges

White-winged - common

Wagtail, Willie
- very common

- common in dry woodland

Whistler, Rufous
- common in most areas

Grey - Along creek at Maryfarms

Whistling-duck, Plumed
- a few turn up at the dams

- a few sometimes at the dams, more common than Plumed

Woodswallow, Black-faced
- a good population towards Hurricane Station

White-breasted – a few birds about the dams and along the Mitchell River

(Compiled by Lloyd Nielsen, February 1998)