Birdlife E-H

As compiled by Lloyd Nielsen, February 1998

(Does not include birds from Mt Spurgeon area)

Eagle, Little
- one record near the town

Wedge-tailed - a pair sometimes seen about Mt Alto

Egret, Cattle
- uncommon

Great - always one or two about the dams

Intermediate - small numbers about the dams

Little - less common than other egrets, but occasionally seen



Fairy-wren, Red-backed
- common about Maryfarms

Falcon, Brown
- irregular but generally moderately common especially about Maryfarms

Peregrine - a pair nested on rock face of the mine pit, 1996 & 1998

Fantail, Grey
- moderately common winter visitor

Little Friarbird

Little Friarbird

Northern - scarce, more so towards Mt Molloy in denser woodland

Rufous - sometimes along denser creeks on migration

- nomadic, common

Finch, Black-throated
- irregular, more common on Hurricane road

Double-barred - common

Red-browed - more so along denser creeks

Flycatcher, Leaden
- common

Lemon-bellied – more so along Mt Molloy road

Restless – rare, has been seen about town and on Hurricane road

Satin - rare, only seen on migration

Friarbird, Little
- very common

Noisy - very common

Frogmouth, Tawny
- common

Galah (male and female)

Galah (male and female)

- very common

Goose, Magpie
- occasionally at dams

Goshawk, Brown
- moderately common

Red – rare, has been seen at Maryfarms

Grassbird, Little
- rare, only a couple of records – from dams

Brown Goshawk

Brown Goshawk

Tawny – has been seen in tall grassy areas about Maryfarms

Grebe, Australasian
- irregular, sometimes common about dams

Great-crested - rare, a few records of single birds from the tailings dam

Hoary-headed - rare, one record from the tailings dam

Greenshank, Common
- occasiona1 to dams

Scarlet Honeyeater

Scarlet Honeyeater

- a dry season visitor to dams, sometimes in large numbers

Harrier, Spotted
- best place is at Maryfarms

Swamp - sometimes over the tailings dam

Heron, Pied
- rare visitor to dams

White-faced - moderately common

White-necked - occasionally at the dams, single birds

Hobby, Australian
- sometimes winters about dams

Honeyeater, Banded
- some years common, others absent, mostly about tea-trees and blue gums

Black-chinned – rare, about blue gums

Blue-faced - very common

Bridled - in wet winters comes down from high rainforests and reaches Mitchell River

Brown-backed - uncommon

Dusky - more so along denser creeks towards ranges

Lewin’s - small numbers come down from high rainforests in winter

Rufous-throated - a few birds about Mitchell River off Hurricane road

Scarlet - sometimes very common

Singing - a small population about Hurricane Station

White-cheeked - rare, sometimes comes down from Mt Carbine plateau

White-gaped - a small population on McLeod River

White-throated - common

Yellow - moderately common

Yellow-faced - more so towards the ranges